Canada Post-Rock Episode October 29, 2021

Oct 29 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Le Ren "Annabelle & Maryanne" - Leftovers
Nick Cave "Avalanche" - B-Sides and Rarities
Men I Trust "Always Lone" - Untourable Album
Paragon Cause "I'm Not Here" - Autopilot
Phương Tâm "Anh Đâu Em Đó (Wherever You Are, I Will Be There)" - Magical Nights - Saigon Surf Twist & Soul (1964​-​1966)
John Foxx "Europe After The Rain" - The Garden
Lena Platonos "Phaethon" - Balancers
Odonis Odonis "Laced In Leather" - Spectrums
FHANG "My Crown" - FHANG
Jasper Sloan Yip "Halcyon Dream" - Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn
Qlowski "A Woman" - A Woman And Beyond
Marina Rosenfeld "roygbiv&b I" - Teenage Lontano
Phew "Feedback Tuning" - New Decade
Nueen "Path ft Gerard Sun" - Nova Llum
Amy Dabbs "Second Thoughts" - Allure EP
Zvarra "Bizzaroland" - Bizzaroland

Track Listing:

Annabelle & Maryanne
Le Ren · Leftovers
Nick Cave · B-Sides and Rarities
Always Lone
Men I Trust · Untourable Album
I'm Not Here
Paragon Cause · Autopilot
Anh ?âu Em ?ó (Wherever You Are, I Will Be There)
Ph??ng Tâm · Magical Nights - Saigon Surf Twist & Soul (1964?-?1966)
Europe After The Rain
John Foxx · The Garden
Lena Platonos · Balancers
Laced In Leather
Odonis Odonis · Spectrums
My Crown
Halcyon Dream
Jasper Sloan Yip · Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn
A Woman
Qlowski · A Woman And Beyond
roygbiv&b I
Marina Rosenfeld · Teenage Lontano
Feedback Tuning
Phew · New Decade
Path ft Gerard Sun
Nueen · Nova Llum
Second Thoughts
Amy Dabbs · Allure EP
Zvarra · Bizzaroland