Canada Post-Rock Episode October 15, 2021

Oct 15 Show

7:29pm - 9:01pm

Myriam Gendron "Go Away From My Window" - Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & found
Great Aunt Ida "Spider" - Unsayable
Hélène Barbier "Palissade" - Regulus
Jason Molina "Shadow Answers the Wall" - Eight Gates
Songs: Ohia "Steve Albini's Blues" - Didn't It Rain
Bill Stone "Here I Am" - Stone
Joel Vandroogenbroeck "Oil Tankers" - Far View
ESP Summer "Tengoku no ?koku" - Kingdom Of Heaven
Daniel O'Sullivan "Arming the Seraphim" - Fourth Density
Mas Aya "Tiemp Ahora ft Lido Pimienta" - MÁSCARAS
White Poppy "Hardly Alive" - Paradise Gardens
Sangre Nueva "Hurt" - Goteo EP
Aho Ssan "Simulacrum IV - Ziúr Remix" - Simulacrum Remixed
Regis "Thirst" - Penetration
London Pirate Radio "33-37" - London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984??-??1993, Vol. 1
Cartel Madras "GREEN SCARE" - The Serpent And The Tiger