Canada Post-Rock Episode September 17, 2021

Sept 17 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Royal Canoe "Alexandria" - Sidelining
Cots "Sun-Spotted Apple" - Disturbing Body
HTRK "Sunlight Feels Like Beestings" - Rhinestones
Homeshake "Vacuum" - Under The Weather
Breeze "Bruised Skin" - Record
Fleece "Upside Down" - Stunning & Atrocious
UMAN "Cordes Sensibles" - Chaleur Humaine
Liars "My Pulse To Ponder" - The Apple Drop
Alpha Hopper "Big Body" - Alpha Hex Index
He Dark Age "Holding Out For Eden" - Ecce Homo
Fotocrime "Crystal Caves" - Heart Of Crime
Parlour Panther "sweetsounds" - Retrograde
Imani Coppola "Woke Up White Today" - Black & White Album
A.k.Adrix "Ritmo Surfista" - Código de Barras
Blawan "Silver" - Soft Waahls EP
Lazy Pluto "Temple of Jupiter" - Fury V/A
Debit "Gauzy" - Animus

Track Listing:

Royal Canoe · Sidelining
Sun-Spotted Apple
Cots · Disturbing Body
Sunlight Feels Like Beestings
HTRK · Rhinestones
Homeshake · Under The Weather
Bruised Skin
Breeze · Record
Upside Down
Fleece · Stunning & Atrocious
Cordes Sensibles
UMAN · Chaleur Humaine
My Pulse To Ponder
Liars · The Apple Drop
Big Body
Alpha Hopper · Alpha Hex Index
Holding Out For Eden
He Dark Age · Ecce Homo
Crystal Caves
Fotocrime · Heart Of Crime
Parlour Panther · Retrograde
Woke Up White Today
Imani Coppola · Black & White Album
Ritmo Surfista
A.k.Adrix · Código de Barras
Blawan · Soft Waahls EP
Temple of Jupiter
Lazy Pluto · Fury V/A
Debit · Animus