Canada Post-Rock Episode August 27, 2021

Aug 27 Show

7:35pm - 9:02pm

Tracy Shedd "Faint Pale Smiles" - Blue
PACKS "Drink Rain" - Single
Art d'Ecco "Good Looks" - In Standard Definition
Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band "Ein Sof" - Banned
Tasseomancy "Missoula" - Do Easy
Charlotte Day Wilson "Adam Complex" - Alpha
Janette King "What We Lost" - What We Lost
Chynna "929" - Drug Opera
Yoo Doo Right "1N914" - Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
TTC "Du Sang Sur Le Dancefloor" - Batards Sensibles
Modeselektor "2000007" - Happy Birthday!
The Bug "Pressure" - Fire
B:Thorough "Raindrops" - Raindrops
Container "Sniffers" - Creamer
Paraadiso "Liquid Matter" - Unison
David Chesworth "Once Upon A Time" - Industry & Leisure

Track Listing:

Faint Pale Smiles
Tracy Shedd · Blue
Drink Rain
PACKS · Single
Good Looks
Art d'Ecco · In Standard Definition
Ein Sof
Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band · Banned
Tasseomancy · Do Easy
Adam Complex
Charlotte Day Wilson · Alpha
What We Lost
Janette King · What We Lost
Chynna · Drug Opera
Yoo Doo Right · Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
Du Sang Sur Le Dancefloor
TTC · Batards Sensibles
Modeselektor · Happy Birthday!
The Bug · Fire
B:Thorough · Raindrops
Container · Creamer
Liquid Matter
Paraadiso · Unison
Once Upon A Time
David Chesworth · Industry & Leisure