Canada Post-Rock Episode June 7, 2013

Broadcast on 07-Jun-2013

10:30pm - 12:00am

June 7th show

Track Listing:

Maximum Overture
Majeure · Solar Maximum
Coxcomb Red
Lorain · Songs Molina
Emerald City
Joel Phelps & The Downer Trio · The Downer Trio
Tonstartsbandht · Russian Tour Tape 2013
You Can't Serve Two Masters
Ketamines · You Can't Serve Two Masters
Unmasking Alzheimers
The Caretaker · Persistent Repetition of Phrases
Nude With Boots
Melvins · Dies Irae
Troller · Troller
zola jesus · conatus
Clock Of 12's
Naked On The Vague · 12 Dark Noons
North On 45
US Girls · Gem
Flaps · Again
pissed jeans · honeys
Apocalypse, Please Sign The Form First
Sleuth · CiTR Pop Alliance
Raise The Dead
The Dears · Arts & Crafts 2003-2013
Warning Sign
Wolf Eyes · No Answer-Lower Floors