CabaRadio Episode June 19, 2012

The very last show! So much last time!!

11:00pm - 1:40am

CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth presents "The Very Last Show!" Yes indeed, after 3+ years on the radio Teddy & Eroc will say their final farewells tonight on CiTR Radio 101.9FM. Join us as we play some 'Best of' moments and play the music from some of bands we've had on the show over the years, including the Creaking Planks, The Oh Wells, Billy the Kid, Gastown Royals, Warless, Rick Valiant, Natalie Edward and many more! Plus our theatre guru Franklin T. Schneider returns to give us one last look at the Vancouver theatre scene! Also the Sketchy Sluts stop by to spice up the airwaves! Upcoming events, prizes and so much more!!

CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth
CiTR 101.9fm or listen online

So much last time!!



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Track Listing:

girls can't fly jetpack
gastown royals · live
that's life
rick valiant · live
window love
Teddy and Eroc · live
open road
warless · live
secret society
oh wells · live
happy birlthday military
creaking planks · live
the skeletons
the skeletons · live
natalie edward · live
Back from the sand
billy the kid · live
goodbye blue sky
the wall cast · live