CabaRadio Episode April 17, 2012

#143 - You Pick the Playlist with DJ Lexis!

11:03pm - 1:11am

Over the years of doing a radio show, a lot of people have come up and said "oh, it would be so cool to do a radio show" or "I wish I could do what you do". So that got CabaRadio to thinking...why not give you the chance to do just that!?
That's when we came up with the idea of 'You pick the Playlist' a show where you, one of our listeners gets to come on the show and pick the music for the night. Not only that but you get to talk about why you wanted it played, or what it means to you, or hell maybe you just really dig the song!
Maybe you want to play an 80's set, or a punk set, maybe you are like us and you wanna play a whole bunch of different music all on the same show or maybe just maybe you are a musician and you wanna showcase all your own stuff, you can do that's your Playlist!
Their are a few rules of course, like you have to play some Canadian Content aka CANCON and you have to play some female content aka FEMCON but other than that, the mic and music is all yours.

Join us tonight at 11pm as sexy librarian DJ Lexis picks the playlist! DJ Alexis brings the spirit of the of the Big Easy as Teddy & Eroc sit back, crack a cold one and listen in as one of our listeners picks the music for the night
Tune in to hear DJ Lexis as she becomes CabaRadio's DJ!!

The adventure awaits tonight at 11pm on CITR 101.9fm or online at

PS if you would like to Pick the Playlist some night on CabaRadio please email us at with the subject "I wanna pick the playlist" We do it every couple of months, so sign up now and start picking your list!

Talk to you tonight!

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Track Listing:

prince of pot
Tall bothers · simply business
bourbon street parade
albert burbank · sounds of new orleans
dans les rue d'antibas
hot foot 5
big long sliding thang
ingrid lucia and the flying nutrinos · don't stop
little liza jane
kermit ruffins
triples of bellville
deanna knight and the hot club of mars · live
bei ner bist du schon
va va voom · swing phonicity
sugar foot rag
washboard rodeo · washboard rodeo
sweet sue
Hot foot 5
I wanna little sugar in my bowl
miss quincy · like the devil does
tottie ma is a big fine thing
tom waits · an album to benefil preservation hall
woman of the nile
high society · live at the yale
hot foot 5
Bring It on Down to My House
Red Stick Ramblers · Bring It on Down
jalapeno lena
rocking sidney · zydeco the essential pulse series