CabaRadio Episode March 27, 2012

#140 - Danger, thrills & circus sideshow freaks!

11:07pm - 12:58am

Tonight Neil E. Dee brings the circus back to CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth! Swing into the action as Teddy & Eroc tackle beds of nails, sword swallowing & walking on glass! Neil talks about his upcoming Neil E. Dee's Circus Birthday Party & Show! Plus prize giveaways! Sexy music and more!

Plus an extra special dedication to one of our listeners who has passed. A shout out to Mr. B

Talk to you later.

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Track Listing:

Mother Mother · Oh My Heart
jealous of your cigarette
hawsley workman · the delicious wolves
although I dropped $100,000
paul frees · disneys best
kishka anthem
the creaking planks
hot bat
man man · six demon bag
epopeja wandalska
zywiolak · nowa ex tradycja
suichi circus
bliki circus · bliki charine
the way the wind blows
fernodo's giampari · a hawk and a hacksaw
freak magnet
violent femmes · the very best of
reefer blues
tall brothers · simply business
the creature from the black leather lagoon
the cramps · stay sick
tom waits · real gone
ray lamontagne · till the sun turns black
elliott brood · days into years
down in Mexico
the coasters · death proof soundtrack