CabaRadio Episode March 20, 2012

#139 - The 6th Eroc Talent Showcase

11:00pm - 12:00am

Talk to you tonight!

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Eroc welcomes live in studio the comedic, musical stylings of Chi Sun Ho. Also joining us the hysterically funny, the jocular, the mirthful, Alexander Sparling.

Talk to you tonight!

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Track Listing:

too many dicks on the dance floor
Flight of Conchords · i told you i was freaky
Hot Dog
Lmfao · Sorry for party rocking
Eric Carbery · Demo
Chi Sun · Year of the disco tiger
I don't want no period
Chi Sun · year of the disco tiger
Sister from another Mister
Chi Sun · Year of the disco Tiger
Hurt Feelings
Flight of the conchords · I told you i was freaky
Jack Sparrow
The lonely island · Turtle neck and chain