CabaRadio Episode November 30, 2010

#81 - Bantering Brassieres, moustache shavings and prizes!

11:06pm - 12:06am

Tonight on the program, Teddy and Eroc sit back and talk Burlesque. Eroc shaves his moustache...Plus Roxette Star joins us live in studio to talk about her Bantering Brassieres show...what's that you ask?

Bantering Brassieres is taking some fine ass talent from Vancouvers amazing comedy scene and pairing it with our amazing Burlesque scene! Thus having a night of wild comedy and boozing!

The audience (thats you!) picks a song and then a prop to go along. The dancers do not get to hear the song before hand. They do not get to rehearse and yes they still have to take off their clothes for you!!! Then you help the host decides who gets the WIN!

Also we have tickets to give away to some upcoming show!!

As always upcoming events, groovy tunes and a few surprises!

Talk to you tonight at 11pm!!


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Track Listing:

Burlesque is dead
Big john bates
adeline · famous for fire
Missed me burlesque
Dresden Dolls · The Dresden Dolls
Paul Anka · Rock Swings
song for lilly christine
big rude jake · big rude jake
It's best to go
The Gastown Royals · live recording
come all ye faithful
paul anthony · 123 presents
hookers and blow
cabaradio crew
who knows how to make love stay
Doug and the slugs · slugology
somebody to love
Queen · Queen Greatest hits
let's get fucked up
the cramps · Flamjob