CabaRadio Episode November 23, 2010

#80 - It's the FunkDrive for the FunDrive! It's time to raise some money!!

11:05pm - 1:15am

Tonight's music...FUNK!!

Hey Gang,

So CabaRadio has so far only raise $20 of our goal of $300...that's why we need your help to reach our goal!! Please go online and click on the donate button, click on CabaRadio and donate!! Or call us tonight 604-822-UNIT(8648)

Plus if you give, you get prizes! On top of the prizes CITR is providing, CabaRadio has gone out and gotten you some rad prizes as well and to get them all you have to do is donate a little cash. Heck you probably spend more money for one night at the bar.

Give $5, give $10, give $20, give $100!! Please donate and help CabaRadio reach it's goal of $300! We need your HELP!

Over the last year, CabaRadio has helped promote countless shows, premiered rocking bands and launched experimental characters and now we need your contributions to help keep CITR and CabaRadio moving towards the future.

Last year's producer of "Pink Floyd's the Wall" had this to say after their appearance on CabaRadio:
"Thanks for going the extra distance for the radio gig this week.Since the pod cast went up online, we've sold a significant number of tickets,appearing as a burst in the general flow of sales so far.
It was a pretty immediatel cause+effect, so I have to think it was Teddy and Cabaradio that gave us a bump in sales, in addition to our shining performances!"

Please go online and click on the donate button, click on CabaRadio and donate!! Or call us tonight 604-822-UNIT(8648)

Talk to you tonight at 11pm!!


Also VERY IMPORTANT...HELP Burgundy Brixx and the Purrfessor stay in Canada!!
Please go here:
And sign the online petition!! Every signature counts in helping these amazing contributors of the arts, stay where they are needed, wanted and Vancouver!!

Fight the good fight!! Don't be sad! Fight!

Remember it's the government so fight with your words...your thoughtful and tactful words!


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Track Listing:

it's funkyin here
james brown · sex machine: the very best of james brown
moses mayes
moses mayes · the funk family orchestra
Hot Funk Sunday
Five Alarm Funk · ST
Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers
got to be a love
Greyboy · Funkfever vol 4
if loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right
Millie Jackson · superbad disc 1
car wash
Rose Royce · superbad disc 2
Take a message
Remy Shand
theme from enter the dragon
lalo schfrin · superbad disc two
Give back the love
the philosopher kings · castles
George Clinton · Greatest Funkin' hits
Brand new funk
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince · Greatest Hits
we want the funk