CabaRadio Episode October 12, 2010

#74 - Turkey, mash potatoes, green beans & gravy mmmmm! Now it's time for you dessert...CabaRadio!!

11:06pm - 12:47am

After a long weekend of friends & family it's time to kick back, turn on the radio and enjoy a CabaRadio Thanksgiving treat!

Tune in to hear members of Suburban Improv showcase some of their improv skills plus they talk about their upcoming show "Show us your wit"

Also a couple performers from Greece does Grease will be on hand to tell you why you have to make your way down to the Waterfront Theatre for their last 4 performances!

Check out the review for Greece does Grease in the Straight:

Plus Teddy & Eroc give what? Tune in to find out!

As always Upcoming Events and a few surprises!

Talk to you tonight!

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Track Listing:

do the mash potatoe
james brown · Funky men
let's turkey trot
little eva · Hits of 1963
Dan Mangan · nice nice very
Greese does Greace cast
Turkey in the straw
Sharon lois and bran
1 minute
Duncan Sheilds
Saturn Rings
the Skeletons · live recording on Cabaradio
Contempory blues
warless · live recording on Cabaradio
That's life
Rick Valiant · live recording on Cabaradio
Thanksgiving song
Adam Sandler
Earthworm · las vegas grind
Eric Carbery