CabaRadio Episode August 24, 2010

#68 - The Hardy Har Har Comedy Show!

11:04pm - 12:37am

Tonight on the program it's CabaRadio's Hardy har har Comedy Show!!
Bits, skits, and a guest with tits will be joining us to talk comedy and other things that are funny!

In studio guest Lauren Martin will stop by to chat about her new comedy show "Guilt & Comedy"
Plus Eroc presents some new installments of "Joke Time with Eric Carbery"

As always upcoming events and a few surprises!

Talk to you tonight!

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Track Listing:

Fuck you
gettting older
Carter Hortie · live comedy
Pop song
Jon Lajoie · You want some
Sesame street
Dave Chappelle · live comedy
george bush
Watermleon · live comedy
Funniness on weed
unknown · a childs garden of grass
a bad of weed
seth macfarlen · Family guy
Hot Pockets
jim gaffigan · Beyond the pale
plastic girl
bob and tom
Fuck Shit Stack
Reggie Watts
I've got a lovely bunch of coconut
Monty Python
Canadian living
Jim carrey · live comedy
Jim Henson · the muppets cast album
acid and tweezers
watermelon · live comedy
the lumberjack song
Monty Python · sings