CabaRadio Episode July 20, 2010

#63 - Cabaradio's Cooking Edition

11:12am - 1:06am

With Teddy away, Eroc will play. Join Eroc as he takes over hosting duties, and welcomes Cousin and Chef, Hugh Carbery. Hugh prepares a succulent three course meal including a cucumber gazpacho, pan seared pork tenderloin with a braised apple, red cabbage slaw, and finally a rum caramelized nectarine with a Chantilly cream. And who doesn't like to sip a bevy while eating. We welcome Patrick Francis, as he pairs drinks with each dish, from a rye Caesar with a bacon garnish, a pinot noir, and a nectarine ginger cocktail.

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So strip down and tune in!!!!!!!


with Teddy still away on vacation, Eroc takes over as he presents another "Summer Solo Project"
Tune in to hear an Eroc Explosion!!


Last year in the Georgia Straights "Best of" CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth won 3rd Best in the "Late-night Radio Host" category and this year we want to win number 1!!
Help us win and you could win $3000 in travel money! All you have to do is answer at least 25's easy! Below are a few suggestions.
Make sure you put "Teddy Smooth & Eroc" for best late-night radio host(s)!

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Best local band (unsigned): Warless or Gastown Royals

Best local performing-arts festival: The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

Best late-night radio host(s): Teddy Smooth & Eroc
Best local podcast: CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth

Best place for karaoke: Evil Bastard Karaoke Experience

Best local TV personality (English): Paul Anthony
Best local cable show: Paul Anthony's Talent Time

Best movie theatre concession: The Rio Theatre

Best local theatre company or theatre production: Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society

Best hair salon: East Vanity Parlour
Best vintage/consignment/second-hand clothing store: Echo Clothing
Best women's clothing store (independent) : Scout Clothing Boutique