CabaRadio Episode July 6, 2010

#61 - The Bachelor Pad episode! Loads of music, fun, bachelor Top 5's and dudes hanging out!

11:08pm - 1:11am

Tune into the bachelor pad! Music, fun and dudes hanging out!

Help us WIN!!

Last year in the Georgia Straights "Best of" CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth won 3rd Best in the "Late-night Radio Host" category and this year we want to win number 1!! Help us win and you could win $3000 in travel money! All you have to do is answer at least 25 questions and below we have already suggested 26 answers for you to fill out. Of course you can pick your own but make sure you put "Teddy Smooth & Eroc" for best late-night radio host(s)!
Thank you for taking the time to vote for us!!

Go to: and start those answers!!

Best live music venue: the Biltmore, Rickshaw or Commodore
Best local band (unsigned): Warless or Gastown Royals
Best local music festival: Folk Festival
Best local performing-arts festival: The Burlesque Festival
Best local comedian: Patrick Maliha, Gramham Clarke or Carter Hortie

Best afternoon radio host(s): Peter Schaad
Best morning radio host(s): Who gets up in the morning:
Best late-night radio host(s): Teddy Smooth & Eroc

Best local film festival: DOXA
Best place for karaoke: Evil Bastard Karaoke Experience
Best local TV personality (English): Paul Anthony

Best comedy club: Darby's on Tuesdays
Best local TV newscast: CBC
Best local podcast: CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth, Stop Podcasting Yourself or CBC radio 3 w/Grant Lawrence

Best local cable show: Paul Anthony's Talent Time
Best movie theatre concession: The Rio Theatre
Best local band (signed): Said the Whale or Wintermitts
Best DJ club: Fortune
Best local theatre company or theatre production: Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society

Best local street/community festival: Car Free day Commecial Drive
Best place to spot hipsters: Main Street
Vancouver's Claim to Fame: The Canuck's slogan...their is always next year
Best Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive or Main street
Best hair salon: East Vanity Parlour
Best vintage/consignment/second-hand clothing store: Echo Clothing
Best women's clothing store (independent) : Scout Clothing Boutique

Track Listing:

the boys are back in town
thin lizzy · 3 men and a baby soundtrack
summer of 69
bryan adams · Reckless
jimmy buffett · Meet me in Margarittaville
summertime '98
Dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince · Greatest hits
les playboys
Jacques Dutronc
Brizilian Girls · Lazy Lover
prince · the best of
j'aime les filles
jacques dutronc
Super Freak
Rick James · Busting out the funk
the booty song
Tim Wilson · Super Bad soundtrack
I'm a bachlore
the temptations · Songs for you
stroke me
Billy Squire · 80 rock party
all by myself
Eric Carmen · brigette jones diary soundtrack
I have no strings
Disney · Pinocchio
let's talk about sex
salt and peppa
girls girls girls
motley crew · girls gilrs gilrs
girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
Dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince · Greatest hits