CabaRadio Episode March 9, 2010

#44 - Eroc's Talent Search

11:02pm - 1:16am

CabaRadio's Eroc is known for many things: He has big hands. He has big feet. And he has a you get the idea. But what you might not know is that he has an amazing ability to spot talent and tonight he is sharing this talent with you as CabaRadio presents "Eroc's Talent Search"
Having scoured the lands for talent, Eroc has chosen 3 uniquely different musical treats for you to feast your ears upon.

1st: The sweet, melodic and folky treat "The oh wells band"

2nd: Bringing us back to the golden age of music and cinema, Rick Valiant sings the songs of Sinatra

3rd: 'Drohan' An alternative, rock band who comes to us to play an acoustic set

So join tonight at 11pm on CITR 101.9fm or online at for a night of musical treats! It's CabaRadio presents 'Eroc's Talent Search'!!

As always upcoming events, groovy tunes and a few surprises!!

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Track Listing:

please put the phone down
Pilot speed · pilot speed
george bush
Black joe louise · tell'em what you want
The oh Wells · live
secret Society
The Oh Wells · live
boots or Hearts
Tragically hip
Stephen Marley
Thats Life
Rick Valliant · live
All The Way
Rick Valliant · live
Fly me to the moon
Rick Valliant · live
midnight sky
eric carbery
Montreal/6 feet
Drohan · live
dROHAN · live
Neon Jesus
Drohan · live
billy joe
Drohan · live
Drohan · live
Hey World
Micheal Frante · all rebel Rocker
eric carbery