CabaRadio Episode June 16, 2009

#11 - Sexual Lube Tastings and the Marmaladies Live!

11:06am - 12:34pm

If you're like us you've probably wondered at some point what the heck is with all the sexual lube flavours?! Their seems to be so many flavours and some of the flavours are just plain the other day I was reading about bacon flavoured! The bacon lube got me thinking about all the different kinds of lube and why people would use them. Like the classic Pina Colada, do people actually use it? Or is it just a party gag that you give to a friend? What about strawberry, or strawberry cheesecake? It smells like a strawberry shortcake doll, wouldn't just a regular man/woman taste better than that?

Well tonight on CabaRadio we're going to expose which flavours are the best, which aren't and which ones you just want to say...WHAT THE FUCK?! Suzy Shamless will be joining us live in studio will a shwack of lube and a whole load of determination, as she breaks down the flavours one by one!

Plus musical guest "The Marmaladies"

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