CabaRadio Episode May 12, 2009

#6 - After the Burlesque festival hangover music night!

11:00pm - 12:44am

CabaRadio presents: After the Burlesque festival hangover music night...all music with very little filler.

That's right the Burlesque Festival is over and it was 10 glorious days of titties, tassels and twirling! But now we have a Burlesque hangover and we just want to listen to music. Tune in for a sweet selection of tunes, including some live music from Birthday boy and CabaRadio producer E-Roc.

Plus Upcoming Events, Dating Tips and a few other surprises!

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Track Listing:

masturbation over breakfast
Shirley Gnome · ho down
boody call
the wet spots · hello kinky
cry baby
janis joplin · greatest hits
smells like teen spirit
paul anka · rock swings
hoo doo man
hoo doo girl · calls the shots
car crash
the voodoo organist · the serpent dance
Drunk on the moon
Tom Waits · A nickels worth of dreams
howlin wolf · living the blues
song for lilly christine
big rude jake · big rude jake
eric carbery
the hockey song
stompin tom · a proud canadian
the lonely island boys · incredibad
numbers and names
the creaking planks · Bilge monkeys
roses and bluejays
buck 65 · this right here is
Stay( just a little bit more)
the do · a mouthful
Wintermitts · Heirloom
we don't want to talk about it
the wet spots · hello kinky
Big Hard Imagination
shirley gnome · ho down
Black Hole Sun
Paul Anka · Rock swings