CabaRadio Episode April 21, 2009

#3 - Open Mic Night!!

11:00pm - 12:47am

On this episode of CabaRadio, Teddy Smooth and guest host E-Rock host an "open-mic" night, live on-air!

Tune in to hear Natalie Edward, Duncan Shields, and Chris Olson, rock out, speak out and talk about their art.
Guest host E-Rock is also a seasoned performer and premiers(on CabaRadio) his hit single Diarrhea!!

Also Teddy's Dating tips, Upcoming Events and a few other surprises!

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Track Listing:

eric carbery
the girl is mine
richard cheese · apertif for destruction
between the lines
Natalie Edward
Natalie Edward
Natalie Edward
Paul Anka · rock swing
jenny green teeth
Duncan Shields
Duncan Shields
Duncan Shields
Duncan Shields
smokey joe's cafe
the Coasters
camp fire
Chris Olson · 7 years
nachos & cheese
Chris Olson · 7 years
little boy blue
Chris Olson · 7 years
Diaarhea Remix
Eric Carbery