C-POP Connection Episode December 11, 2019

EP. 24

4:00pm - 4:57pm

This is the last show before I come back in September!! Crazy huh??? I will be going on exchange next term so I will be back in September 2020. I will miss you guys so much! See you in eight months!

Track Listing:

Love is love
Rainie Yang · Delete Reset Grow
Alien Huang · PLAN B
Walking Towards Me (ft. Ma Nien-Hsien)
9m88 · Walking Towards Me (ft. Ma Nien-Hsien)
W0lf · Betrayal
Namewee · Polyamory
Tension (ft.OZI)
Shi Shi · SHI's Journey
Don't Cry (ft. A-Shin)
Jay Chou · Don't Cry (ft. A-Shin)
Sadness Fool (ft. A-Lin)
831 · Sadness Fool (ft. A-Lin)
Take Off
WayV · Take Off
Something about LA
Eric Chou · Something about LA
Full Stop
G.E.M · Full Stop
J.Sheon · Ballad