C-POP Connection Episode September 18, 2019

Woo the sun is out!!

3:58pm - 4:58pm

New singles and albums!

Track Listing:

Mediterranean sea
Weirbird · Mediterranean sea
Ding Ge
Richael Liu · Ding Ge
The best during the worst
Nicky Lee · The best during the worst
Won't cry
Jay Chou · Won't cry
Not enough love
Karen Mok · Not Enough Love
A Hint of You
Danson Tang · A Hint of You
Your Love
Lu Han · ?-volume.2
At Thirty
Weibird · At Thirty
Wo bu lang man
Kimberley Chen · Tag me
Mei tian de mei ge ni
Abin Fang · B'IN LUV
Forever Young
F.I.R · Forever Young
Daylight (feat. Feng Ze)
Nine Chen · Daylight (feat. Feng Ze)
Evan Lin · Competitor
Frankie Cosmos · Close It Quietly