C-POP Connection Episode May 15, 2019

Episode 9

3:01pm - 3:58pm

I'm excited about Today's show! We have a lot more new releases this week!

Track Listing:

Jolin Tsai · Ugly Beauty
Haor · Listen
Take Off
WayV · Take Off
Innocent Sin
Tank Lu & Jancie Yan · Innocent Sin
Never leave you behind
Jeff Huang · Never leave you behind
Chun Guang Ru Ci Que Bu De Ni
Eric le sage · Chun Guang Ru Ci Que Bu De Ni
Wake Up
Wang Zhe Wu Xian Tuan · Wake Up
Lv Xing De Ai Qing
Samuel · Lv Xing De Ai Qing
Shuai Dao Fen Shou
Fleeting Happiness
A-Lin · A-Lin OST
OSN · #osnrap
Spits Taste Like Metal
AIDs Wolf · The Lowers LP