C-POP Connection Episode March 27, 2019

Episode 3

3:03pm - 4:08pm

We got a very exciting show this week! More than three songs and albums were dropped in the past few days. Come check these songs out!

Track Listing:

Crying over you
Honne (feat. Rap Moster and Zhou Bi Chang) · Love me/ love me not
Tao · Single
Don’t call me bro
Haor (feat. Jam Hsiao) · Don’t call me bro
Show Lo · NO IDEA
The Fool
Last day of Summer · THE GREAT NOBODY
The love you want
Penny Tai · The love you want
Na nv hai duo wo shuo
Rachel Liang · 2019 Hai zai ting
Snow Red
R-chord · Be Water
Jolin Tsai · Ugly beauty
Jackson Wang · The song of my dream
Meng Mei Qi · The Wandering Earth
Gen Neo · Dimensions
Famous for Fire
Adaline · Famous for Fire