Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 24, 2024

Music for after the Solstice...Pete Namlook / Mixmaster Morris, André 3000 and other mystics...

7:55am - 10:58am

Pete Namlook / Mixmaster Morrris; André 3000; Mount Maxwell; Slowfoam; 33EMYBW; Wrecked Lightship; CFCF; PYUR; Burnt Friedman / Joao PAis Filipe; Viñu Vinu; Santaka; Deadbeat; Damos Room; RAMZi; Polygonia & Popp; Dustin Wong / Takako Minekawa / Good Willsmith; Dixie's Death Pool; Björk; Kreidler; Headphone Science and Floating Points.

Track Listing:

school of fish
pete namlook / mixmaster morris · dreamfish 1
buy polo disorder's daughter wears...
andré 3000 · new blue sun
mount maxwell · littlefolk
silk song & viridescence
slowfoam · worlding with earth
holes of time
33emybw · holes of sinian
third law
wrecked lightship · oceans and seas
gravure idol
cfcf · memoryland
epoch sinus I
pyur · epoch sinus
burnt friedman / joao pais filipe · automatic music vol. 1: mechanics of waving
exil transitoire
viñu vinu · exilio transitorio
santaka · xram e.p.
brick stick blick blade (extended mix)
deadbeat · nye versions
damos room · commencement // mineral blend e.p.
in shed
ramzi · peze-piton
polygonia & popp · candid
simulated emotional story
wong / minekawa / good willsmith · exit future heart
yr kiss is magic
dixie's death pool · trippy brigadoon
björk · homogenic
mount mason
kreidler · twists: a visitor arrives
headphone science · frozen love amongst wiser souls
del oro
floating points · del oro (single)