Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 27, 2024

New Taylor Dupree, Naemi, Einstürzende Neubauten and tons of older favorites

7:55am - 10:58am

Taylor Dupree; Carbon Based Lifeforms; Naemi; MinaeMinae; Deadbeat; Naemi; Einstürzende Neubauten; Somebody Cares For You; ?K; RAMZi; Oro Azul; Dettinger; The Irresisible Force; Headphone Science; Montag; White Poppy; Free the Robots; Cujo; Adham Shaikh; Pete Samples and Equanim.

Track Listing:

temper (for clarinet & shaker)
taylor dupree · sti.ll
20 minutes extended
carbon based lifeforms · 20 minutes e.p.
amnis (feat. disiree monique / florian fm zeisig)
naemi (exael) · dust devil
minaeminae · räumlichkeit
things fall apart (depression)
deadbeat · kübler-ross soliloquies
couch angel (feat. rad acid / huerco s)
naemi (exael) · dust devil
planet umbra
einstürzende neubauten · rampen: apm - alien pop music
somebody cares for you · whenever cooking pegao
the gate
dk · gate of enlightenment
fly timoun
ramzi · pèze-piton
oro azul · water seeds
intershop 1
dettinger · intershop remastered
call it music
the irresistible force · kira kira
headphone science · frozen love amongst wiser souls
figures of a new colour
montag · alone, not alone
white poppy · natural phenomena
spaceways (feat. salami rose joe louis)
free the robots · kaduwa
cat people
cujo (amon tobin) · adventures in foam
adham shaikh · collectivity
pete samples · an unsent letter
equanim · modern music