Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 6, 2024

May is here with new Adan Wiltzie, Loscil, Einstürzende Neubauten and other delights

7:54am - 10:59am

Jon Hassell; Slowfoam; Adam Wiltzie; Loscil; Labradford; More Eaze / Pardo / Glass; Einstürzende Neubauten; Death Hags; Sinewave; Michael Brook; Equanim; People Plus; Wrecked Lightship; Sinewave; Photek; Kusht; Oro Azul; RAMZi; Jlin; Deadbeat; Call Super; Quadra; Christoph de Babalon; Jacques Greene and Four Tet.

Track Listing:

amsterdam blue (cortege)
jon hassell · amsterdam blue (cortege): single
like phantom memories in the slinking storm
slowfoam · worlding with earth
buried at westwood memorial park...
adam wiltzie · eleven fugues for sodium pentothal
shadow maple
loscil · umbel
leta o'steen design assistance by john piper
labradford · e luxo so
still part of the ceiling
more eaze / pardo / glass · paris paris, texas texas
einstürzende neubauten · rampen: apn alien pop music
the partisan
death hags · big grey sun radio: episode 1
refried beams
sinewave · unity gain
michael brook · cobalt blue
still hope
equanim · instrumental language
journey to being
people plus · third space
diminished ark
wrecked lightship · antiposition
3rd density blues
sinewave · unity gain
modus operandi
photek · modus operandi
moon call
kusht · trip book e.p.
oro azul · water seeds
ramzi · peze-piton
jlin · akoma
the double bong cloud (denial 1)
deadbeat · kübler-ross soliloquies
music stand
call super · arpo
track desperado
quadra · based on a true story
an away with it
christop de babalon · ach, mensch
do it without you
jacques greene · dawn chorus
so blue
four tet · three