Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 29, 2024

New Four Tet, Arushi Jain, Numa Gama, Jlin and other sweet treats

7:54am - 10:58am

Thiago Desant; Death Hags; TALsounds; Mount Maxwell; MIDI Janitor; Four Tet; Arushi Jain; Ina Filip / C# Orchestra; Garde of Magic; People Plus; Numa Gama; Princ€ss; Jlin; Vanishing; Lolina; Dixie's Death Pool; Hype Williams; Appleblim; Mounika; Mere Mortals; Photek; Equanim; Ilkae / Ghostwerk; Korea Town Acid; RAMZi; Wrecked Lightship and Christoph de Babalon.

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · every man has a woman
i am your home
thiago desant · let it happen here and now
southern sunset on super earth
death hags · big grey sun radio: episode 3
fading phase
talsounds · shift
slow moves
mount maxwell · littlefolk
athos a.m.
the midi janitor · bulk order
so blue
four tet · three
still dreaming
arushi jain · delight
ina filip / c# orchestra / adham shaikh · syena e.p.
sounds poking their heads in along the way...
garden of magic · archive
o.s.c. 1
people plus · third space
balloons (logic)
numa gama · a spectral turn
princ€ss · princ€ss
jlin · akoma
ten month winter
vanishing · shelter of the opaque
meet the devil
lolina · unrecognizable
dixie's death pool · trippy brigadoon
hype williams · one nation
appleblim · infinite hieroglyphics
mounika · don't look at me
mere mortals · lives and times of nyquist hex
the hidden camera
photek · modus operandi
equanim · modern music
hot pot (tandy mix)
ilkae / ghostwerk · keeping score
korea town acid · cosmos
ramzi · feu follets
sunken skies
wrecked lightship · antiposition
non-human being
christoph de babalon · ach, mensch
you're wondering now
the specials · the specials