Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 15, 2024

New Oro Azul, Vanishing, Princ€ss and older delights

7:59am - 10:59am

DJ Paradise; Alexi Baris; Pendant; Michael Brook; CFCF; Andrew OsterHoudt; Oro Azul; The Necks; Holden; Lia Kohl; Sham-e-Ali Nayeem; Vanishing; Mioclono; Arushi Jain; Ariel Kalma / Jeremiah Chiu / Marta Sofia Honer; James Holden; Badge Epoque Ensemble; Adham Shaikh; Princ€ss; Helion and Khotin.

Track Listing:

dj paradise · bblisss
variegated mood
alexi barris · support surfaces
to fall out of spring
alexi barris · support surfaces
alexi barris · support surfaces
des vieux temples
pendant · bblisss
michael brook · hybrid
life in apartments
cfcf · blowing up the workshop 48
tributaries (feat. john also bennett)
andrew osterhoudt · out together
oro azul · water seeds
the necks · travel
a circle inside a circle
holden · the inheritors
in a specific room
lia kohl · the ceiling reposes
goddesses and doormats
sham-e-ali nayeem · moti ka sheher
vanishing · shelter of the opaque
myoclonic sequences
mioclono · cluster I
the sun swirls within you
arushi jain · under the lilac sky
une ombre legere
ariel kalma / jeremiah chiu / marta sofia honer · the closest thing to silence
common land
james holden · imagine this is a high dimensional place of all possibilities
future, past & present
badge epoque ensemble · future, past & present
desert dub
adham shaikh · universal frequencies
in the morning
princ€ss · princ€ss
helion · in light,it undoes nothing?.?.?.
fountain growth
khotin / tess roby · release spirit