Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 1, 2024

Happy Easter

8:00am - 10:58am

Holger Czukay; Popol Vuh; Cocteau Twins; Field Works / Sarah Davachi; Alexi Baris; Landtitles; Anthéne; Jane Bruckner; Anne Chris Bakker; Princ€ss, Aidan Bakker; Andreas Gerth / Carl Oesterhelt; Carmen Villain; Beth Orton; Julia Holter; Oneohtrix Point Never / Elizabeth Fraser; Vivian Koch; Dunkelziffer; Dixie's Death Pool; Heterotic; Maya Jane Coles; Tor; Intermission Audio Lab; Jlin and Electric Skychurch.

Track Listing:

träum mal wieder
holger czukay · der osten ist rot
blessed easter
holger czukay · rome remains rome
hosianna mantra
popol vuh · hosianna mantra
cocteau twins · treasure
field works / sarah davachi · ultrasonic
to fall out of spring
alexi baris · support surfaces
borrowed light
landtitles · as the night comes softly down
tragedy plus time
anthéne · skyglow
a minute is a long time
jane bruckner · agnes
make my bed in crystal watters
anne chris bakker · illuminations II
in the morning
princ€ss · princ€ss
transparent but not translucent
aidan baker · diaphaneities
through the deserts of postmodernity
andreas gerth / claus oesterhelt · music for unknown rituals
agua azul
carmen villain · sketch from winter IX: perlita
beth orton · weather alive
talking to the whisper
julia holter · something in the room she moves
tales from the trash stratum
oneohtrix point never / elizabeth fraser · magic oneohtrix point never
l'il birdy starts to fly again
vivian koch · beyond contact
sunday morning
dunkelziffer · in the night
dixie's death pool · trippy brigadoon
heterotic · weird drift
maya jane coles · take flight
tor · blue book
respect for the law
intermission audio lab · overflow
speed of drakness
jlin · akoma
electric skychurch · together