Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 12, 2024

Many thanks to all of you who support CiTR and contributed to the 2024 Fundrive.

7:50am - 11:02am

Lyndsie Alguire; Slowfoam; André 3000; Wrecked Lightship; CS & Kreme; Mount Maxwell; PYUR; Birdsnake; 33EMYBW; Garden of Magic; Burnt Friedman / Joao Pais Filipe; Santaka; Coma World; U; Port St. Willow; Call Super; Polygonia & Popp; RAMZi; TALsounds; Dixie's Death Pool; Kreidler; Jon Hassell; Deadbeat; Morgan Doctor and Donato Dozzy.

Track Listing:

halo element
lyndsie alguire · the night is in my mouth
silk song and viridescence
slowfoam · worlding with earth
gandhi, dalai lama, your lord and saviour j.c.
andré 3000 · new blue sun
kill mirror
wrecked lightship · oceans and seas
faun house
cs & kreme · snoopy
mount maxwell · littlefolk
a tree
pyur · epoch sinus
birdsnake · birdsnake begins
ediacaran ghost
33emybw · holes of sinian
spring vibe
garden of magic · archive
burnt friedman / joao pais filipe · automatic music vol1: mechanics of waving
santaka · xram e.p.
coma world · coma wong
never seen again
u · vienna orchestra
three halves whole
port st. willow · syncope
clam lute wig
call super · eulo cramps
polygonia & popp · candid
bird again
ramzi · multiquest niveau 1: camoufle
talsounds · shift
orchid haze
dixie's death pool · trippy brigadoon
mount mason
kreidler · twists: a visitor arrives
jon hassell · listening to pictures: pentimento vol. 1
interbeing 5
deadbeat · music for interbeing
queen in parkdale
morgan doctor · is this home?
santa cunegonda
donato dozzy · magda