Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 20, 2023

New Sameer Gupta, Klartraum, Yara Asmar, Gonubie and more delights...

7:54am - 10:54am

Samee Gupta; Klartraum; Yara Asmar; Theodore Cale Schafer; Gonubie; Dixie's Death Pool; Ali Sethi / Nicolas Jaar; Lee Gamble; Abadir; Love-Songs; Off World; Joni Void; Einstürzende Neubauten; Nocturnal Emissions / Barnacle; All Hands...Make Light; Hackedpicciotto; New Age Doom / Lee Scratch Perry; AQAXA and Teeth of the Sea.

Track Listing:

of oceans needing the drop (instrumental)
sameer gupta · jupiter vol. 1
time worm (liquid version)
klartraum · liquid dreams
three clementines on the counter...
yara asmar · synth waltzes and accordian laments
it's a mistake to wait
theodore cale schafer · trust
crystal pools
gonubie · signals at both ears
butterfly on a swaying grass
dixie's death pool · trippy brigadoon
nazar se
ali sethi / nicolas jaar · inthia
lee gamble · models
abadir · ison
love-songs · inselbegrabung
impulse controller
off world · 3
negative loop
joni void · everyday is the song
letztest biest (am himmel)
einstürzende neubauten · halber mensch
sick summer end sucks
nocturnal emissions / barnacle · from solstice to equinox
the sons and daughters of poor eternal
all hands...make light · "darling the dawn"
journey east
hackedpicciotto · the silver threshold
step in space
new age doom / lee scratch perry · lee scratch perry's guide to the universe
xennial sehnsucht
aqaxa · corporeal e.p.
teeth of the sea · hive