Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 11, 2023

New Laurel Halo, Tim Hecker, Freak Heat Waves and more...

7:53am - 10:57am

Sofie Birch / Antonina Nowacka; Silence (Pete Namlook); Brendan Eder Ensemble; Laurel Halo; 7038634357; RAMZi; Tim Hecker; Bitchin Bajas; Croatian Amor; Memotone; Luis (DJ Python); Sissy; Feak Heat Waves; V/Z; Morgan Doctor; RAMZi; Sinewave; 23 Degrees; Mere Mortals; Panda Bear / Sonic Boom / Adrian Sherwood; The Solid Doctor; Tomu DJ; LTJ Bukem; Bonobo / Jacques Greene and DJ Koze.

Track Listing:

sofie birch / antonina nowacka · languoria
silence (pete namlook) · silence II
#3 rhubarb (aphex twin)
brendan eder ensemble · therapy
laurel halo · atlas
7038634357 · permanest
ramzi · phobiza 'dia' vol. 1
monotony II
tim hecker · no highs
bitchin bajas · transporteur
tulip coupon
croatian amor · a part of you in everything
paradise drips
memotone · how was your life?
luis & lis dalton: timmy chalamet
luis (dj python) · 057: schwyn
sissy · sentinel: single
altered states
freak heat waves · mondo tempo
cafe giallo
v/z · suono assente
queen in parkdale
morgan doctor · is this home
coucou mon ami (feat. dj python)
ramzi · feu follets
pseudopharmaceutical cuticles
sinewave · interplanetary ridicule
maya o
23 degrees · born of earth's torments
next plankton bloom
mere mortals · lives and times of nyquist hex
everything has been leading to this dub
panda bear / sonic boom / adrian sherwood · reset in dub
in the offing
the solid doctor · beats means highs
techno beat (feat. kimdollars1)
tomu dj · rocking the free world
twilight voyage
ltj bukem · mystical realm: e.p.
bonobo / jacques greene · fold: single
dj koze · wespernnest / candidasa