Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 4, 2023

Happy Labour Day

7:59am - 10:59am

Brown Calvin; RAMZi; Loscil; Morgan Doctor; Upsammy; Alexi Baris; Slow Attack Ensemble; Wormwood; Tomu DJ; Boreal Network; Corben; Mas Aya; Natural Wonder Beauty Concept; DJ Koze; Kid Koala / Trixie Whitley; Illuvia; Michael Diamond; Korea Town Acid; Andrea Parker; Kaidi Tatham; Witch Prophet; Domi & JD Beck and Adham Shaikh / Monkey Dragon.

Track Listing:

dimension (0 - ?)
brown calvin · dimension // perspective
ramzi · cocon
loscil · the sails: pt. 1
morgan doctor · major over minor
current between objects
upsammy · placeness produced
tomorrow's teracotta
alexi baris · 033186
rivers to waterfalls
slow attack ensemble · music for turntable, guitars and sampled instruments
winter, no words are proven innocence
wormwood · 'o'
ourburrow // fall out the other side
wormwood · 'o'
spring of life
tomu dj · half moon bay
aquarius base
boreal network · calliope
human disaster
corben · calliope
tiemp ahora
mas aya / lido pimienta · mascaras
fallen angel
natural wonder beauty concept · natural wonder beauty concept
my grandmotha
dj koze · kosi comes around
lost at sea
kid koala / trixie whitley · music to draw to: io
chiara springs
illuvia · iridescence of clouds: sea of vapor
michael diamond · third culture l.p.
korea town acid · cosmos
too good to be strange
andrea parker · here's one i made earlier
kaidi tatham · don't rush the process
witch prophet · dna activation: deluxe
not tight
domi & jd beck · not tight
funk 2 power
adham shaikh / monkey dragon · enter the multiverse