Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 21, 2023

Words for smoke filled skies...

7:59am - 10:56am

Elysia Chuquimia Paula Crampton; El Perro del Mar; Patrick Shiroishi; Yara Asmar; Tim Cole; Thiago Desant; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; The Purge of Tomorrow; Philip Glass / Robert Wilson; Ben Vida / Yarn Wire / Nina Dante; Laurie Anderson; Holy Hum; FM Einheit / Emilie Pitoiset; Soso / Maki; Grouper; Felicia Atkinson; Kelly Lee Owens; The Purveyors of Free Will; Sham E Ali Nayeem; Kid Koala / Trixie Whitley; Beatrice Dillon; MIDI Janitor; FM Einheit / Apichatpong Weerasethakul; Moor Mother and RAMZi.

Track Listing:

morning star (feat. jeremy rojas)
elysia chuquimia paula crampton · orcorara 2010
el perro del mar · free land
here comes a candle to light you to bed
patrick shiroishi · evergreen
four is an ok number
yara asmar · home recordings: 2018-2021
extra censored inception
tim cole · trace: a collection of artist's soundworks
e live oak dr
thiago desant · let it happen here and now
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the 8th floor
time moving
the purge of tomorrow · the other side of devastation
knee play 5
philip glass / robert wison · einstein on the beach
who's haunting who here
ben vida / yarn-wire / nina dante · the beat my head hit
born never asked
laurie anderson · big science
sex at 31
holy hum · all of my bodies
le baiser du supion
fm einheit / emilie pitoiset · exhibition of a dream
all the way to the world's edge, all the way home
soso / maki · if and only if
disordered minds
grouper · shade
transparent in movement
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
kelly lee owens · lp.8
the day my sister ran into the sea
the purveyors of free will · ear factory
goddesses and doormats
sham e ali nayeem · moti ka sheher
look back time
kid koala / trixie whitley · music to draw to: io
workaround four
beatrice dillon · workaround
do hyou not wish?
midi janitor · bulkk order
fm einheit / apichatpong weerasethakul · exhibition of a dream
rogue waves
moor mother · black encyclopedia of the air
gro bwouya
ramzi · phobiza 'dia' vol. 1