Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 7, 2023

Happy BC Day...

7:57am - 10:59am

Loscil; Landtitles; Teen Daze; White Poppy; Ian William Craig; Connect_icut; Alexi Baris; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Teen Daze; My Friend Wallis; Leisure Thief; VWAM Collective; Spell (PrOphecy Sun / Kristen Roos); DJ Olive; Yu Su; Tor; Adham Shaikh / Tim Floyd; Quadra; Mere Mortals; RAMZi; Robert Shea; Kinnie Starr; Destroyer; Sabota and Unklnik.

Track Listing:

loscil · the sails: pt. 2
night birds and static flight
landtitles · as the night comes softly down
glacial lake
teen daze · breathing tides
a calming wind
white poppy · sound meditations: vol. 2
sentimental drift
ian william craig · music for magnesium_172
ultimate dream
connect_icut · talisman
alexi baris · 033186
their banter
the cyrillic typewriter · permanent colours
last time in this place (feat. joseph shabason)
teen daze · interior
wave like clouds
my friend wallis · on hawaiian time
forgiveness divided by an atom of truth
leisure thief · psychology today
krishna shiv fight and the jets from venus
vwan collective · le fleurs du mal
the speed of light
spell (prophecy sun / kristen roos) · hex
in a mermaid scale
dj olive · place: vancouver
xiu (feat. knopha)
yu su · xiu: single
tor · oasis sky
adham shaikh / tim floyd · possessor: single
century man
quadra · based on a true story
mere mortals · life and times of nyquist hex
ramzi · dezombi
black coffee jazz (the legal mix)
robert shea · post logical
the sun again
kinnie starr · sun again
it's in your heart now
destroyer · labyrinthitis
wabi - flutesman
sabota · sabota 001
rewind + grind
unklnik · barefeat presents