Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 31, 2023

Seeing out July with tunes of wonder...

7:57am - 10:59am

Loscil; Landtitles; Sofie Birch; Alexi Baris; Carmen Villain; Absolutely Free; Morgan Doctor; Sinewave; Biosphere; Illuvia; Burnt Friedman; Akusmi; Memotone; Croatian Amor; Ilkae; V/Z; Panoram; Stevia (Susumu Yokota); Healion; Christoph de Babalon; Decisive Pink; Braids; Avalon Emerson; Panda Bear / Sonic Boom / Adrian Sherwood; Barbie Bertisch and Fever Ray.

Track Listing:

loscil · clara
landtitles · as the night comes softly down
the sun xix
sofie birch · holotropica
pertaining to our nature
alexi baris · 033186
only love from now on
carmen villain · only love from now on
absolutely free · two cares due none
albilynn du sud
morgan doctor · is this home?
bcing you
sinewave · hard drive delights
biosphere · shortwave memories
sea of crisis (iridescence of clouds)
illuvia · iridescence of clouds: sea of vapor
die schwebende himmelsbruecke
burnt friedman · musical traditions in central europe
akusmi · fleeting future
open world
memotone · how was your life?
remember rainbow bridge
croatian amor · remember rainbow bridge
mouviset pilvet
ilkae · primer: 1998-2002
bites (feat. coby sey)
v/z · suono assente
panoram · acrobatic thoughts
cherry girl
stevia (susumu yokota) · green peace
about breathing
healion · about breathing
christoph de babalon · hilf dir selbst
decisive pink · ticket to fame
braids · euphoric recall
sandrail silhouette
avalon emerson · avalon emerson & the charm
whirlpool dub
panda bear / sonic boom / adrian sherwood · reset in dub
water moves slowly
barbie bertisch · prelude
fever ray · fever ray