Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 24, 2023

New µ-Ziq, Memotone, Oval, Avalon Emerson and other treats.

7:53am - 10:59am

Ian William Craig; Landtitles; Loscil / Lawrence English; µ-Ziq; Astrid Sonne; Arushi Jain; 23 Degrees; Klik & Frik; Memotone; Tim Hecker; Hawsepiper; Morgan Doctor; Oval; Kristen Roos; Pantha du Prince; The Verbrilli Sound; Isolée; Andrea; My Friend Wallis; Fever Ray; Doldrums; Avalon Emerson and Doomsquad.

Track Listing:

sprite percent world record
ian william craig · music for magnesium_173
collecting a garden
landtitles · your voice in pieces
loscil / lawrence english · colours of air
µ-ziq · 1977
ephemeral II
astrid sonne · ephemeral camera feed
under the lilac sky
arushi jain · under the lilac sky
born of earth's torments
23 degrees · born of earth's torments
klik & frik · regenerar
canteen sandwich
memotone · how was your life?
monotony II
tim hecker · no highs
hansa calls
hawsepiper · red knot returns
morgan doctor · major over minor
oval · romantiq
diablo IV
kristen roos · universal synthesizer interface vol II
mother drum
pantha du prince · garden gaia
sunrise in atlantis
verbrilli sound · headlands: deepdown tempos vol 2
con o sin
isolée · resort island
andrea · due in color
on hawaiian time
my friend wallis · on hawaiian time
when i grow up
fever ray · fever ray
holographic sand castles
doldrums · lesser evil
a dam will always divide
avalon emerson · avalon emerson & the charm
doomsquad · let yourself be seen