Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 10, 2023

New Kristen Roos, Decisive Pink, Avalon Emerson and other delights...

7:53am - 10:59am

Tim Hecker; Orchit Dealer; Micah Frank / Chet Doxas; Memotone; Scarab; Oval; Rapoon; Leif; Fluxion; Upsammy; Kristen Roos; Yu Su; Tor; Lapgan; Kreidler; Fever Ray; Braids; Decisive Pink; Natural Wonder Beauty Concept; Sun's Signature; Stranglers; Destroyer; Croatian Amor; Avalon Emerson; V/Z and Luis.

Track Listing:

pulse depression
tim hecker · no highs
orchid dealer · soft reactions in the sun
ave maria (feat. mary lattimore)
micah frank / chet doxas · the music of hildegard von bingen vol. 1
measure for measure
memotone · memotone e.p.
the castle of nonexistence
scarab · scarab / secrets of the past & future
oval · romantiq
floating words
rapoon · these are dreams
pick a headline (feat. duckett)
leif · liminal pieces
fluxion · vibrant forms
upsammy · zoom
diablo II
kristen roos · universal synthesizer interface vol II
yu su · yellow river blue
two suns
tor · blue book
lapgan · badmaash
il sogno di una cosa
kreidler · appearance and the park
if i had a heart (familjen remix)
fever ray · if i had a heart
braids · euphoric recall
cosmic dancer
decisive pink · ticket to fame
natural wonder beauty concept
natural wonder beauty concept · natural wonder beauty concept
blue dusk
sun's signature · sun's signature
golden brown
stranglers · la folie
i want this cyclops
destroyer · city of daughters
my brother is a star
croatian amor · a part of you in everything
avalon emerson · avalon emerson & the charm
habadash (feat. cathy lucas)
v/z · suono assente
jack anderson
luis (dj python / ana roxanne) · 057 (schwyn)