Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 17, 2022

New Anne Sulikowski, Yara Asmar, Ian William Craig, Korea Town Acid and more treats...

7:56am - 10:54am

Kinnie Starr; Kyle Bobby Dunn; Loscil; Secret Pyramid; JJJJerome Ellis; Anne Sulikowski; Jana Irmert; YlangYlang; Yara Asmar; Ian William Craig; Michelle MacKenzie; Nadia Struiwigh; Maryam Sirvan; Mas Aya / Lido Pimienta; Joni Void / Sarak Page; Korea Town Acid; Natalie Beridze; Vatican Shadow; Speaker Music; AQAXA; Boreal Network and Khotin.

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · every man has a woman
they found me
kinnie starr · edge of the knife
lost to follow-up
kyle bobby dunn · tcr iii
loscil · clara
secret pyramid · embers
loops of retreat
jjjjjerome ellis · the clearing
anne sulikowski · closer: single
everything minus all
jana irmert · the soft bit
descent in a feminine breakdown
ylangylang · mutualism
sleeping in church
yara asmar · home recordings: 2018 - 2021
infinite consent
ian william craig · music for magnesium_173
though we spoke but little
michelle mackenzie · calliope
nadia struiwigh · pax aurora
everywhere's gone black
maryam sirvan · everywhere's gone black: single
tiemp ahora
mas aya / lido pimienta · mascaras
joni void / sarah page · mise en abyme
in the clouds
korea town acid · cosmos
be airborne
natalie beridze · mapping debris
taxi journey
vatican shadow · persian pillars of gasoline era
techno is a liberation technology
speaker music · black nationalist sonic weaponry
algorzn luvv
aqaxa · corporeal e.p.
boreal network · boreal network
wem lagoon jump
khotin · finds you well
you're wondering now
specials · the specials