Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 26, 2022

For Today...Vadin, Mas Aya, Healion, Shackelton and much, much more.

7:55am - 10:58am

Vadin; Mas Aya; Healion; Shackelton; Idee du Femelle; Ah! Kosmos; Chasms; Public Memory; Kara-Lis Coverdale; Christoph de Bablon; Amon Tobin; Tor;Tomu DJ; DK; GudrunGut / Mabe Fratti; Korea Town Acid; Kreidler; RP Boo; Deadbeat; Cabaret Voltaire; BSA Gold; Witch Prophet; Maya Jane Coles; Kitty Craft; Venetian Snares / Daniel Lanois and Free the Robots.

Track Listing:

the presence
vadin · black tortoise
mas aya · mascaras
i'll see it when i believe it
helion · about breathing
transformed into love
shackelton · departing like rivers
come back to bali
idee du femelle · sequences (2021/1988)
trace of waterfalls
ah! kosmos · bastard
between the eyes
chasms · on the legs of love purified
public memory · veil of counsel
kara-lis coverdale · sirens
christoph de babalon · hilf die selbst!
black as the sun
amon tobin · how doe you live?
city 66
tor · oasis sky
time to destination
tomu dj · extended play
metal frames
dk · gate of enlightenment
in d
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
break the spell (feat. zander miller)
korea town acid · elephant in the room
kreidler · spells and daubs
beauty speak of sounds
rp boo · established!
deadbeat · new world observer
be free
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
a king travels to jannah
bsa gold · tone poems for mysterious times
witch prophet · dna activations (deluxe)
maya jane coles · take flight
all to you
kitty craft · beats and breaks from the flower patch
united p92
venetian snares / daniel lanois · venetian snares x daniel lanois
machine language
free the robots · kaduwa