Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 18, 2022

New Anne Sulikowski, , Witch Prophet; Širom, Dreamtree Project, Salamanda, Pantha du Prince and more...

7:53am - 11:01am

Anne Sulikowski; Rapoon; Anne Sulikowski; Širom; The Dreamtree Project; Maalem Mahmoud Guinia / FloatingPoints; D.K.; Salamanda; Pantha du Prince; Conrad Praetzel; Natural Information Society / Joshua Abrams; Safa; TSVI / Loraine James; Tosca; Mere Mortals; Free the Robots; James Holden and the Animal Spirits; Mere Mortals; Witch Prophet; Floating Points and Caribou.

Track Listing:

the shifting reality of anne sulikowski
anne sulikowski · tabla rasa
for a few sitars more
rapoon · hotel bravo
anne sulikowski · tabla rasa
wilted superstition engaged in copulation
širom · the liquefied throne of simplicity
on the steps of infinity
the dreamtree project · on the steps of infinity
mimoun marhaba
maalem mahmoud guinia / floating points · mimoun marhaba
the gate
d.k. · gate of enlightenment
catching tails
salmanda · ashbalkum
golden galactic
pantha du prince · garden gaia
blue poppies
conrad praetzel · adventures into somethingness
sideways fall
natural information society / joshua abrams · simultonality
terminus massaoud
safa · ibtihalat
tsvi / loraine james · 053
tosca · osam
mere mortals · ethic dub simmphony in ten parts
free the robots · kaduwa
pass through fire
james holden and the animal spirits · animal spirits
up in smoke
mere mortals · universal code
witch prophet · dna activation
floating points · grammar (single)
caribou · suddenly