Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 4, 2022

Happy July - Jon Hassell and Friends Revisited

7:59am - 10:56am

Audio Werner; Jon Hassell; Micahel Brook; Jon Hassell; Space Afrika; Carmen Villain; Max in the World; Jon Hassell; CFCF; Jon Hassell; Pole; Hawsepiper; Boreal Network; Perila; Jon Hassell; Jon Hassell / Farafina; Eccodek; Sabla / ?.K.; AQAXA; Jon Hassell / Bluescreen; Roméo Poirier; Nils Petter Molvær and Jon Hassell / Bluescreen.

Track Listing:

interpretation #2
audio werner · jon hassell interpretations
jon hassell · fascinoma
delta rain dream
jon hassell · fourth world vol. 1: possible musics
michael brook · hybrid
jon hassell · city: works of fiction
datu bintung at jelong
jon hassell · dream theory in malaya: fourth world vol. 2
space afrika · somewhere decent to live
gestures (feat. arve henrickson)
carmen villain · only love from now on
drums of the east river 1
max in the world · drums of the east river
power spot
jon hassell · power spot
life in apartments
cfcf · blowing up the workshop 48
jon hassell · last nigh the moon came dropping its clothes in the street
pole · fading
hamsa calls
hawsepiper · red knot returns
boreal network · boreal network
a river becoming
perila · i might as well use this time
jon hassell · listening to pictures: pentimento vol 1
jon hassell · seeing through sound: pentimento vol 2
air afrique (wind)
jon hassell / farafina · flash of the spirit
i wanna talk to you
eccodek · recalibrate
nubes shepherd
sabla / d.k. · totem society
algorzn luvv
aqaxa · corporeal e.p.
the gods, they must be crazy
jon hassell / blue screen · dressing for pleasure
hotel nota
roméo poirier · hotel nota
access / song of sand 1 & 2
nils petter molvær · khmer
club zombie
jon hassell / blue screen · dressing for pleasure