Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 20, 2022

Music for the last lengthening day before the longest day....Happy Solstice

7:55am - 10:58am

Anthéne; Khyex; Landtitles; Peppermoth; Emily Sprague; Yawning Portal; Barker; Salamanda; More Eaze; You'll Never get to Heaven; White Poppy; Viñu Vinu; Forgiveness; Kelly Lee Owens; Susumu Yokota; Tosca; Free the Robots; The William Caslon Experience; Submotion Orchestra; Linus and Amy; Microbunny; Lamb and Free the Robots.

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · every man has a woman
tragedy plus time
anthéne · skyglow
it's still here
khyex · post political
dust on garry oaks
landtitles · as the night comes softly down
sun dreamer
peppermoth · ventrilokissed
star gazing
emily sprague · hill, flower, fog
the burning bridge
yawning portal · heart & earth
die-hards of the darwinian order
barker · utility
florisa 5 ma, gosh, what should i do?
salamanda · ashbalkum
we don't talk about it
more eaze · oneiric
mad shadows
you'll never get to heaven · wave your moonlight hat for the snowfall train
slumberland grasses
white poppy · dorval & devereaux
viñu vinu · encounters
next time could be your last time
foregiveness · next time could be your last time
kelly lee owens · lp.8
human memory
susumu yokota · dreamer
tosca · osam
far away (feat. ch'hom nimol)
free the robots · kaduwa
the william caslon experience · blue light one
hymn for him
submotion orchestra · finest hour
arsonist's daughter
linus and amy · the black below
merciful and quick
microbunny · microbunny
lamb · what sound
mystery mix (paris, France)
free the robots · free the robots: mix-tape collection vol. 1
you're wondering now
the specials · the specials