Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 16, 2022

Missing moments...filled in

7:54am - 10:55am

Anna Wall; Ana Roxanne; Astrid Sonne; Susumo Yokota; Audio Werner; Damiana; Lyndsie Alguire; MJ Guider; Cocteau Twins; Gudrun Gut / Mabe Fratti; Elizabeth Fraser; Domotic; Kelly Lee Owens; Kellarissa; Múm; Sun's Signature; Oval; Isik Kural; You'll Never get to Heaven; Mathew Dear; Françoiz Breut; Ela Orleans; Cindy; Kitty Craft; Girlsareshort; Doldrums; Lolina; Destroyer; The Konki Duet and Young Galaxy.

Track Listing:

missing moments
anna wall · missing moments
ana roxanne · ~~~
ephemeral II & IV
astrid sonne · ephemeral camera feed
the future of ecstasy
susumo yokota · cloud hidden
audio werner · audient - curfew
melted reach
damiana · vines
down into wormhood like a truly worthless sinner
lyndsie alguire · sins against truth
agnus dei: large dance acknowlegding...
mj guider · temporary requiem
but i'm not
cocteau twins · garlands
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
elizabeth fraser · moses
i hate you forever
domotic · ask for tiger
kelly lee owens · lp.8
kellarissa · voice leading
green grass of tunnel
múm · finally we are no one
golden air
sun's signature · sun's signature (e.p.)
as i do
oval · ovidono
berceuse (feat. spefy)
isik kural · in february
eye, soul and hand
you'll never get to heaven · wave your moolight hat for the snowfall train
death to feelers
mathew dear · asa breed
si tu disais
françoiz breut · vingt à trente mille jours
planet mars
ela orleans · movies for ears
2y & 6m
cindy · i'm cindy
par 5
kitty craft · beats and breaks from the flower patch
the natural
girlsareshort · early north american
lesser evil
doldrums · lesser evil
music is the drug
lolina · face the music
the states
destroyer · labyrinthitis
the konki duet · mountain mouton
outside the city
young galaxy · young galaxy