Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 25, 2022

In Memory of Philip Jeck

7:54am - 11:01am

Philip Jeck; One Far West; Loscil; Philip Jeck; The Caretaker; PM Tummala; Rapoon; Philip Jeck; Philip Jeck / Faith Coloccia; Philip Jeck; New Mexican Stargazers; Absolutely Free; Holy Hum; Leisure Thief; Space Afrika; Segue; Tor; Unknown Mobile; Air (Pete Namlook); CFCF; Destroyer and Sophia Kennedy.

Track Listing:

philip jeck · 7
for the life of me
one far west · the country trodden
loscil · the sails: pt. I
chime chime (re-hung)
philip jeck · an arc for the listener
i have become almost invisible...
the caretaker · patience: after sebald
meera: post awakening
pm tummala · abstractions in meera
in the dream of rivers
rapoon · dust of souls
fanfares forward
philip jeck · sand
philip jeck / faith coloccia · stardust
surf finger
philip jeck · surf
level 1
new mexican stargazers · alternate soundtrack to: b-jeweled
spiral jetty
absolutely free · absolutely free
all of my bodies
holy hum · all of my bodies
forgiveness divided by an atom of truth
leisure thief · psychology today
space afrika · honest labour
turning patterns
segue · the here and now
two suns
tor · the blue book
unknown mobile · daucile moon
chaque ligne de ta peau fut aimée
air (pete namlook) · air I: you
come closer
cfcf · continent
destroyer · labyrinthitis
cat on my tongue
sophia kennedy · monsters