Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 11, 2022

More Soundscapes for the Emotional-Type Listener

7:55am - 10:52am

More Eaze; Slow Attack Ensemble; Astrid Øster Mortensen; Pan*American; You'll Never get to Heaven; Jane Bruckner; Nadia Kahn; Oval; Ilkae; Lustmord / Karin Park; Anne Sulikowski; Field Works / Christina Vantzou; Rival Consoles; Field Works / Mary Lattimore; Biosphere; Croatian Amor; Max Cooper; Veloce; A Guy Named Gerald; Higher Intelligence Agency; Adham Shaikh; CFCF; Destroyer and White Poppy.

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · every man has a woman
the neighborhood
more eaze · oneiric
elogy for elodie
slow attack ensemble · soundscapes for the emotional-type listener
smelter væk
astrid øster mortensen · skærgårdslyd
outskirts, dreamlit
pan*american · the patience fader
pattern waves
you'll never get to heaven · wave your moonlight hat for the snowfall train
reaching zero
jane bruckner · agnes
slight drift
nadia kahn · open interior
oval · ovidono
ilkae · primer: 1998 - 2002
lustmord · alter
rearranging our personalities as we sleep
anne sulikowski · dark city
music for a room with vaulted ceiling
field works / christina vantzou · ultrasonic
the crowd oracle
rival consoles · overflow
silver secrets
field works / mary lattimore · ultrasonic
biosphere · shortwave memories
remember rainbow bridge
croatian amor · remember rainbow bridge
inanimate to animate
max cooper · unspoken words
ice road
veloce · headroom
voodoo rage
a guy called gerald · black secret technology
higher intelligence agency · freefloater
adham shaikh · essence
cfcf · music for objetcs
it's in your heart now
destroyer · labyrinthitis
white poppy · paradise gardens
you're wondering now
the specials · the specials