Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 24, 2022

New Sarah Davachi with Sean McCann, Warmth, Burial, Nurse with Wound and more...

7:53am - 10:58am

Sarah Davachi / Sean McCann; Warmth; Burial; Nurse with Wound; Depatterning; Pye Corner Audio; Tim Hecker; Emanative / Liz Elensky; RAP; Buildings and Food; Boreal Network; Botany; Carbon Based Lifeforms; Kelly Lee Owens; CFCF; Tor; Sofia Kourtesis; Cinematic Orchestra; Sojus1; CFCF and Young American Primitive.

Track Listing:

sarah davachi / sean mccann · mother of pearl
the place
warmth · retrospective: 2016-2021
shadow paradise
burial · antidawn e.p.
nurse with wound · trippin' music
the prairie looking west
depatterning · the liminal farm e.p.
corner store, corner store
depatterning · the forestry lessons e.p.
for a more complete story
depatterning · the forestry lessons e.p.
pye corner audio · murk (single)
twinkle in the wasteland
tim hecker · the north water
dark as
emanative / liz elensky · the volume of light
rap · junction
motherwell on the stairs
buildings and food · quick beat save
local forecast
boreal network · aviation weather
no refuge in the past
botany · portal orphanage
rare jubilation
botany · portal orphanage
carbon based lifeforms · derelicts
kelly lee owens · birds e.p.
an owl is an owl
cfcf · blowing up the workshop 48
tor · oasis sky
by your side
sofia kourtesis · fresia magdalena
the workers of art
cinematic orchestra · to believe: the remixes
sojus1 · orwo
life is perfecto
cfcf · memoryland
young american primitive · young american primitive