Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 27, 2021

Happy New Year! Wrapping up 2021...get ready of 2022...

7:50am - 10:54am

Loscil; Lyndsie Alguire; Hal Wilner / Ken Nordine / Ringo Starr; Audio Werner; Hawsepiper; PM Tummala; Leif; Anne Sulikowski; Moon Reflecting; Canadian Rifles; Thomas Fehlmann; Gudrun Gut / Mabe Fratti; KMRU; You'll Never get To Heaven; JJJJJerome Ellis; The Purveyors of Free Will; Taona; Space Afrika; Moritz von Oswald; Tor; Absolutely Free; Vivian Koch; Viñu Vinu; Shy H1; Christoph de Babalon; Healion; Oneohtrix Point Never / Elizabeth Fraser; El Perro del Mar and Sophia Kennedy.

Track Listing:

loscil · clara
lyndsie alguire · the night is in my mouth
desolation theme / when you wish upon a star
hal wilner / ken nordine / ringo starr · stay awake
audio werner · audient: curfew
hansa calls
hawsepiper · red knot returns
it's still around us
pm tummala · abstractions in meera
low d
leif · 9 airs
park avenue
anne sulikowski · tabla rasa
intrinsic moon
moon reflecting · non g.m.o. rain dance
red flares ignite at europe's borders
canadian rifles · eastern nurseries
thomas fehlmann · böser herbst
in d
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
jinja encounters
kmru · logue
eye, soul and hand
you'll never get to heaven · wave your moonlight hat for the snowfall train
jjjjjerome ellis · the clearing
the day my sister ran into the sea
the purveyors of free will · ear factory
sunny needle
taona · delete fire
space afrika · honest labour
chapter 4
moritz von oswald trio · dissent
tor · oasis sky
remaining light
absolutely free · aftertouch
l'il birdy starts to fly again
vivian koch · beyond contact
hombres de armas
viñu vinu · exilio transitorio
elysian heights
sky h1 · azure
christoph de babalon · hilf dir selbst!
healion · in light, it undoes nothing...
tales from the trash stratum
oneohtrix point never / elizabeth fraser · magic oneohtrix point never
dreamers of the world
el perro del mar · freeland
sophia kennedy · monsters