Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 6, 2021

December brings the snow and slush...

7:54am - 10:56am

JJJJJerome Ellis; Dave de Rose / Dan Nicholls; Sally Decker; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; PM Tummala; Rapoon; Anne Sulikowski; White Poppy; Saffronkeira; VWAM; Intermission Audio Lab; Moth Mouth; AQAXA; Space Afrika; Christoph de Babalon; Healion; Taona; El Perro del Mar; Teeth of the Sea; Rosa Anschütz; Plaid; YlangYlang; Skinny Puppy and Somni

Track Listing:

dysfluent waters
jjjjjerome ellis · the clearing
dave de rose / dan nicholls · plants heal
in the tender dream
sally decker · in the tender dream
the bullet that saved the world
buidling castles out of matchsticks · diveway stars
meera pos-awakening
pm tummala · abstractions in meera
in the dream of rivers
rapoon · dust of souls
micro sleep
anne sulikowski · tabla rasa
leaves floating in a stream
white poppy · sound meditation: vol 2
endless agony of being sick
saffronkeira · a new life
krishna shivfight and the jets from mars
vwam · les fleurs du mal
who would believe
intermission audio lab · high commission
sorrow man
moth mouth · missor universe
xennial sehnsucht
aqaxa · corporeal e.p.
space afrika · honest labour
home is here
christoph de babalon · short eternities
healion · in light, it undoes nothing...
taona · d.urt
el perro del mar · freeland
our love can destroy this whole fucking world
teeth of the sea · wraith
soft resource
rosa anschütz · votive
drowned sea
plaid · polymer
les heures violettes
ylangylang · mutualism
the centre bullet
skinny puppy · bites: remastered
rest easy
somni · beats: vol 1