Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 18, 2021

After the Atmospheric River...the Calm of Before

7:54am - 10:56am

Connect_cut; More Eaze; Perila; Adham Shaikh / Tim Floyd; Tim Story / Moebius; Shackleton; Taona / Wiser Observer; Viñu Vinu; Taona; More Eaze / Amulets; Sinewave; Dunkelziffer; Peaking Lights; Taona; Healion; Christoph de Babalon; Microbunny; Public Memory; Gudrun Gut / Mabe Fratti; Pontiac Streator / Ulla Strauss; YlangYlang; Equanim; Melanie Velarde; Bonobo; Christoph de Babalon and BadBadNotGood.

Track Listing:

new music for a diminished world
connect_icut · talisman
more eaze · yearn
bread flesh
perila · tunnel four point zero
snake dance
adham shaikh / tim floyd · drift
tim story / moebius · moebius strips
one of us escaped
shackleton · departing like rivers
sunny needle
taona / wiser observer · delete fire
viñu vinu · encounters
delete fire
taona · delete fire
gender dysphoria trauma bonding
more eaze / amulets · mari
gravity vortex vertigo
sinewave · unity gain
sunday morning
dunkelziffer · in the night
peaking lights · lucifer
waking up in jupiter
taona · d.urt
healion · about breathing
are you talking to me?
christoph de babalon · exquisite angst
part collie - son of kyle
microbunny · microbunny
public memory · ripped apparition
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
item 7
pontiac streator / ulla strauss · 11 items
the key
ylangylang · interplay
equanim · instrumental language
melanie velarde · bb
bonobo · fragments
hung on a string
christoph de babalon · hilf dir selbst!
signal from the noise
badbadnotgood · talk memory